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Hotels In Central London

The Ultimate Guide To Hotels In Central London

Hotels in Central London give you a large number of choices over 2100 hotels and make everyone able to find a place to stay.
Cheap Central London Hotels: When visiting London everyone is looking for cheap hotels in central London to stay. But you might ask why hotels in central London? Why do people want to stay in the overcrowded area? The answer is when it comes to nightlife, events and theatres; West End London is the best place to be and leisure for all tourists. Let us first explain a bit about West End area.

Way east of West End London is the oldest part of the city with its original walls and the main financial area. The new West End is located north of the government buildings and Royal palaces now known as Westminster and Whitehall.

While the east of West End London situated around the Tower Hill and St Paul’s Cathedral is mostly the business centre of London and like a ghost town over weekends.

To the south and East, you can find Big Ben and most of the government houses while to the north the city comes alive with nightlife, shopping, and theatres.

Central London Hotels

OK, let’s review the above question one more time and find some sensible answers and understand why Hotels in Central London.

The Theatres located in Leicester Square and Covent Garden

In Leicester Square and Covent Garden which are just north of Trafalgar Square, you find the most of the theatres and some great nightlife places to visit. West End Live is one of the major events of its type that every year takes place around June, where everyone can see over 30 world famous shows and performances in West End Live stage for two days. For instance shows like Let it Be, Mamma Mia and so on. Also, the main venues for hosting the film premieres and some great discount theatres are held in West end. This area is popular for restaurants, nightlife, and theatres catering for all budgets.

In addition,  having the choice of over 2100 hotels in Central London everyone is able to find a place to stay. But to book a cheaper hotel and accommodation in London ( or maybe everywhere) you have to find out about  Tips for Booking the London Accommodation . Learn how and when to book your accommodation.

West End Mayfair and Piccadilly hotels.

If you are satisfied and convinced to stay or be closed to West end and enjoy the nightlife and the most amazing shows and events, find one of the hotels in Central London that are matching with your requests and budget.

To the west side of West End London lays Mayfair with Piccadilly located along the southern edge. Mayfair is a quiet neighbourhood and you can find commercial activity and larger hotels on the border of Piccadilly, Park lane and Oxford Street.

Be aware that some of those exclusive restaurants and designer shops might be too pricey. Always check the menu or price tags first.

Piccadilly itself has some large hotels with upmarket shopping districts, designer shops, and high-class jewellery & grocer shops, however not the cheapest London West End hotels.

Oxford Street and Marble Arch

For some great hotels in Central London, you can find most of the UK chains here with the busiest shopping centres, nightclubs, and theatres. Shops are open daily with a mid-morning start on Sundays. Most of the hotels found on the west end of Oxford Street close to Marble Arch.

The room rates are unpredictable during the workweek; however, to get the better idea how and when to book your hotel click out our 7 Tips to Book Cheaper London Accommodation article.

The tourists who stay in hotels in Central London have the advantage of using well connected London Transport (Underground, Trains, Buses and Shuttles) to make their way to all major London airports.  

If you are looking for alternative places to stay and in need of being in the centre of London, you can the blow links to find some great accommodation with a budget price at some neighbouring areas of Victoria, Earls Court, Bayswater, Bloomsbury, St Pancras and Paddington districts that cheaper room rate.

For checking the prices check out some of the hotels in Central London on below links.

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Hotels near Bayswater

Hotels near Bloomsbury

Hotels near Edgware Road

Hotels near Paddington 


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