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What You Need to know about Kensington Hotels London

Kensington Hotels London offering over 260 affordable hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, with some exclusive and expensive hotels around Kensington area”

Kensington Hotels London is giving the visitors variety of choices for a pleasant and also a budget stay, from Bed & Breakfast accommodation to 4 star and 5-star hotels. The area is one of the closest to Heathrow Airport and the heart of the London . The district offers over 260 affordable hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and some exclusive 4 and 5-star hotels around the area.If you are in need of mid-range accommodation, there is no better place to stay than the Kensington hotels in London. 

What other accommodation Kensington area can offer?

Kensington area offers some larger hotels with global names like the Holiday Inn and Marriott with some affordable chain hotels like the Premier Inn and Ibis catering for everyone. Here you can discover some great mid-range places that are both chain and independent hotels. Kensington Hotels London room rates, start from £65 and escalate to £300 per night. However is all depending on the season and what the hotels have to offer. Room tariffs are feasible when compared to other areas and you can find no remarkable difference in cost during the week and addition, you can have more choices in Earls Court situated in the west and the Knightsbridge to the east or Hammersmith to the West of the Kensington area.

Interesting places and attractions around Kensington area.

While staying in Kensington Hotels just escape from your hotel for a breakfast or coffee at one of the local coffee shops. There are plentiful ATM’s and loads of grand shops with large supermarkets in the area. If you need to do late shopping, don’t worry! all you have to do is to pay a visit to the 24-hour Tesco Supermarket, top at the western end of Kensington even 3am in the early morning. Also, you can find some stunning parks to relax in or browse around the posh shops. For instance Holand Park or the world-famous Hyde Park.

Pay the Royal Albert Hall a visit and enjoy some great cuisine presented by the different restaurants found in the area. Another main attraction while touring London and highly recommended is the Natural History Museum. Here they provide you with informative information and fun and if you find yourself visiting the Kensington hotels London the museum is great to visit as it offers tourists with a huge ice-rink!

Not only here you can find pubs, restaurants, and convenience stores that meet all the needs of any tourist who does not have an expenditure budget.

By the use of the South Kensington station, you can journey to the heart of London however; the South Kensington museum and Harrods are within walking distance for most leisure travellers living in the South Kensington hotels.

A number of other important places that are necessary on any tourist’s program list are the Diana Princess of Whales memorial fountain, the Kensington Palace, the Holland Park Avenue & Portland Road for delectable delis, the Leighton House Museum, the Kensington Roof Gardens, and Royal Albert Hall one of UK’s most renowned buildings.

Therefore, for your next leisure, adventure you can book one of the Kensington Hotels in London from here and find yourself transported into a medieval to the modern part of London enjoying its rich history to modern science!


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