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Hotel Accommodation in UK

Best Tips about accommodation types in UK

 This guide will help the visitors to have a better picture of Hotel Accommodation types in the UK.

When it comes to a vacation or long term business trips most of the travellers always limit their alternatives only to the hotels . However the UK and especially London offering a variety of hotel accommodation options for different groups of visitors according to their needs.

There are some excellent Bed and breakfasts (B&B), self-catering services, short-term rental apartment, Hostels, homestays and camping barns which may offer something that goes beyond the purpose of Hotel accommodation only. Here are some good alternatives for the travellers who are planning to make a visit to the UK:

  • Hotels:

Hotel accommodation  is the most common and obvious choice for most visitors and travellers. In the UK likewise, the tourists may find different categories of a hotel where the quality may vary according to the stars assigned to them.

  • 4 & 5 Star Hotels

These are expensive and luxurious hotel accommodation. Once registered, residents can have 24-hour access, facilitated by on-duty staff. The hotels offer enhanced services, e.g. afternoon tea, an offer of luggage assistance, meals at lunchtime, table service on request at breakfast. In addition, the 5-star hotels can offer High levels of proactive services and Most of the hotels have bedrooms with en-suite bathroom and thermostatically controlled shower. Also, the guests can benefit from privet heated swimming pool, spa room, fitness facilities and beauty room and so on. Most of the 5-star hotels in London are clustered around the Mayfair and Knightsbridge districts.

  • 2 & 3 Star Hotel Accommodation:

These are the budget hotels are routinely available in all year round. The individual rooms have standard sized beds with private bathrooms. However, cheaper hotels offer shared ones as well. So when you or your agent is going to book your hotel, make sure you check the offer carefully. Almost all of these hotels have free WiFi in the lobby area. They offer some free basic services such as free view TV, tea and coffee facilities, shower gel, shampoo, and hair dryer. Some hotels have their own restaurants and bars.

  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B):

Bed and breakfast (B&B) can offer the cheapest Large Group Accommodation Uk. These are small simple hotels typically four to five storied Victorian terraced type of houses.

  • Self Catering:

TheSelf Caterings are another alternative choices to hotel accommodation. The term may be applied to a broad range of accommodation like flats, houses, cottages and serviced apartments. In addition to the sleeping facility, this type of accommodation usually provides cooking facilities. In fact, those who are willing to stay in an area for an extended time period can prefer self-catering accommodation. They are much cheaper than the hotels or even B&B of a similar quality.

  • Hostels:

This type of accommodation is most suitable for a group of youth people travelling on a tight budget. Most commonly large rooms are offered with multiple beds in a single room. Most hostels have both mixed dormitories and female dormitories; some have female only dormitories. However, some of the hostels may offer private rooms too. In addition, many hostels have a bar and try to encourage parties.

  • Home-stay:

A home-stay normally is a good and affordable accommodation alternative which provides homely stay with a local family for the visitors

It is ideal for independent leisure travellers of all ages who are seeking to experience the local community and are more interested in the culture of the place apart from the visiting. The Home-stay also is another alternative for young students who would like to study in a home environment.

  • Camping Barn:

Camping barns are very rural, located in remote areas. This is a very basic accommodation type often familiar as a stone tent. Camping burns will offer no bedding and often there will be only space to sleep and the visitors have to provide their own sleeping bag or mat. They are ideal for the group of outdoor enthusiasts or adventurous people.

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