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7 Tips to Book Cheaper London Accommodation

Would you like to know the secrets of hotel booking?

There are facts that you should consider to book your London accommodation or any other hotels in the world!

According to 2014 Hotel survey , the cost of London accommodation rose 9% to 10% compared to 2013.  The average room rate is around £125 per night in London. No doubt that London is one of the most expensive cities but not the most expensive one in the world to compare to Monte Carlo or Los Angeles. The population is around 9 million and you get a better picture when you know that just in 2013 around 17 million visitors crossed the UK’s border to Visit London.

Wondering How To Make Your London Hotels reservation cheaper? Read This!

Booking hotels and accommodation might sound complicated but there are several ways to reduce the costs. Of course, the prices depend on the type of hotel, location, food menu and other offered services.

OK let’s see what to do when planning ahead for your holiday and need London accommodation. The following factors definitely help you to find cheaper accommodation.

  • Book Early Reservation:

The first thing you should consider is to book your budget accommodation london low cost early.  Book your hotel as early as possible because later you will be expected to pay a premium price for the same room. The last minutes deals it won’t work always. Remember choose the flexible rate to be able to make a cancellation or make changes to your reservation. The fixed rates might be a bit cheaper, however, takes away your rights to do any change.

  • Check the prices few days before arriving:

Yes, check  the prices few days before you start your journey. you might ask why? I have already booked my place. The answer to this question is that most hotels put their premium rates for a while but if they are not able to sell the accommodation they will reduce the price. here what you can do is to make a new reservation first and then cancel the other one and save money again.

  • Stay Flexible with travel date (If you can):

Having flexibilities it will help you to find a cheaper rate. because hotels also are flexible with their prices. for example, the same room can have different prices in different days. in February, beginning of March and first two weeks of December hotels normally offering their lowest prices.

  • Stay mid-week :

Mid-week will be the best choice for booking Budget London accommodation Normally the mid-week prices are cheaper and the weekends are more expensive. .in addition Sunday price is almost half price and might be a good idea to start your hotel reservation from Sunday.Check the hotel’s offer and discount promotions. 

  • Check the Events: 

Travelling to the UK while an event is taking  place it will affect the cost of your flight ticket and hotel reservation.Sometimes you have to pay two or three times more for your London Accommodation because of ongoing events in London. 

  • Check the others reviews:

Before book a London accommodation, you can check the reviews on the website or simply ask us, we will find out for you and tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen hotel.

  • The last option and we believe the best one is to Contact Us: 

Have a good agent is a bonus. If you are a first time traveler to the UK or coming to London quite often and have difficulty to find affordable and convenience London accommodation simply contact us.We know the city, hotels and the areas in London. We will provide you the best and first class customer service with no extra charges. Why?

1- Because we need you to come back again and again. We want you to bring your friends and family to use our service and grow our business.

2- No matter how much discount we are able to get for you still our commission will be paid from the hotel side and not you. But by using our service you get the advantage of using our experiences and knowledge to save money.  

Please  contact us if you have any question regarding your reservation, or even ask us to do the reservation on your behalf. 

 All you have to do is to tell us about your plan, date, the number of people and your budget. We do our best to  find the best possible option. Our booking service is growing super-fast day by day in London and United Kingdom. Our experienced team members will reply to you very fast and you have no obligation to take our offers.


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